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Websites for Teens

A Teen’s Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce

Complete with soundtrack, site developed by BC Government. Addresses such issues as What’s happening and why, changes in your life, your emotions, strategies, about the law, resources and FAQ.


Justice for Children and Youth

Advice, representation, and referrals for children and young people under 18 years of age.

Books for Teens

How it Feels When Parents Divorce

By Jill Kremetz

(Knopf, 1988)


The Divorce Helpbook for Teens

By Cynthia MacGregor

(Impact Publishers, 2004)


Taking Good Care of Yourself: For Teens Going Through Separation and Divorce

By Risa Garon

(Children of Separation and Divorce Centre, 1994)


The Divorce Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Move Beyond the Break Up

By Lisa Schab

(Instant Help Books, 2008)


When Divorce Hits Home: Keeping Yourself Together When Your Family Comes Apart

By Beth Joselow

(AuthorHouse, 2000)





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