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Websites for Adults

Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario

Provides information about court locations, supervised access centres, the Child Support guidelines, Office of the Children’s Lawyer, and family court forms (choose “Family Justice”).


Legal Aid Ontario

Provides information about location of legal aid offices, and the services available for family law clients (choose “Family Law Services” under search).


Family Responsibility Office


Department of Justice Canada

Federal Child Support Guidelines (choose "Programs and Initiatives" and scroll down to Family Justice). Also have information about parenting after divorce, family law assistance services and family violence.


LawNet Canada

This site provides access to resources related to the legal issues surrounding separation and divorce. For example, you can search for “family law” in Ontario.


 Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) (Choose “View Materials” and then “Publications Online”)

CLEO produces clear language material on topics such as family, domestic violence, social assistance, housing, and refugee and immigration law.


Canadian Mental Health Association


 Because Life Goes On … Helping children and youth live with separation and divorce.

This is the on-line version of the publication by Health Canada of the same name.


Violet: Law and Abused Women

This site provides information about the legal issues that arise in the context of domestic violence. It also addresses issues such as developing a safety plan and “why I stayed”.


Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC)

Provides information on violence, violence prevention, and referrals for women and children experiencing violence.


Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies

Provides contact information for all Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario


Four Info

Provides information about services and organizations in the four counties of Peterborough, Northumberland, Haliburton and City of Kawartha Lakes.


Healthy Families Collection, Peterborough Public Library


Help Guide

Provides information on co-parenting


Parenting After Separation Handbook

Published by the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia

Books for Adults

Tug of War: A Judge’s Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles and the Bitter Realities of Family Court

By Justice Harvey Brownstone

(ECW Press, 2009)


Between Love and Hate: A Guide to Civilized Divorce

By Lois Gold

(Plenum Press, 1992)


Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape

By Diana Mercer and Marsha Kline Pruett

(Simon & Schuster, 2001)


Smart Divorce: Proven Strategies and Valuable Advice from 100 Top Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Counselors and Other Experts

By Deborah Moskovitch

(Independent Publishers, 2007)


Using Divorce Mediation: Save Your Money and Your Sanity

By Katherine Stoner

(NOLO, 2006)


Divorce Without Court: A Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Practise

By Katherine Stoner

(NOLO, 2006)


Getting Apart Together: The Couple’s Guide to a Fair Divorce or Separation

By Martin Kranitz

(Impact Publishers, 2000)


Canadian Family Law, 9th Edition

By Malcolm Kronby

(John Wiley & Sons, 2006)


Surviving Your Divorce: A Guide to Canadian Family Law

By Michael Cochrance

(John Wiley & Sons, 2006)


Divorce and Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

By Violet Woodhouse

(NOLO, 2000)

Books for Parents

What About the Kids: Raising Your Children Before, During and After Divorce

By Judith Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee

(Hyperion, 2004)


Parenting After Divorce: A Guide to Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children’s Needs

By Philip Stahl

(Impact Publishers, 2000)


How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

By Allison Quattrocchi

(Family Mediation Centre Publishing, 2006)


Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes for Your Child

By Isolina Ricci

(Fireside, 1997)


The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing With the Emotions so You and Your Child Can Thrive

By Robert Emery

(Penguin Group, 2006)


Through the Eyes of Children: Healing Stories of Children of Divorce

Janet Johnston (editor)

(The Free Press, 1997)


Tots Are Not Divorceable: A Workbook for Divorced Parents and Their Children

By Sara Bonkalowski

(ACTA Publications, 1999)


Making Divorce Easier on Your Child: 50 Effective Ways to Help Children Adjust

By Rex Forehand and Nicholas Long

(McGraw-Hill, 2002)


Putting Children First: A Guide for Parents Breaking Up

By Christina Bartha and Hanna McDonough

(University of Toronto Press, 1999)


Parenting Through Crisis: Helping Kids in Times of Loss, Grief and Change

By Barbara Coloroso

(Harper Resource, 2000)


Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

By Gary Neuman

(Random House, 1999)


The Good Divorce: Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Comes Apart

By Constance Ahrons

(Harper Perennial, 1995)

How to Avoid the Divorce from Hell and Dance Together at Your Daughter’s Wedding

By Sue Talia

(Nexus, 2004)





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